Monday, November 3, 2008

NO on Prop 8

I'm hoping that Californians defeat Proposition 8 which declares gay marriage illegal. I was under the impression that gay marriage was already legal in California. Why did they have to put it back on the November ballot? One ruling wasn't good enough?

I voted against a similar proposition here in Arizona. Prop 102 declares marriage between a man and a woman. I consider marriage a commitment between two adults. I don't believe that anyone should be discriminated against because of who they love. Be it a male and a female, two males or two females. To me, marriage is a piece of paper legalizing a bond between two people.

The opponents of gay marriage want to protect marriage. What does that mean? They want to reserve marriage just for a man and a woman? Save marriage? I don't understand. If two homosexuals want to get married, why does it bother you? Don't you believe that everyone should have equal rights? I think they should. How does gay marriage hurt a marriage between a man and a woman? It's the same thing. Right?

I often hear people say, "oh let people keep their sex life in the bedroom." I'm sorry, but, the pursuit of gay marriage is not just about sex. A marriage is necessary for legal issues like insurance. You know, I find it repulsive that hospitals will not let a homosexual visit his or her partner in the hospital. Why won't a hospital not allow a homosexual to visit their partner in the hospital? What is this bullshit about family only? A loving partner is considered family in my book.

Please, America. Let's end this discrimination of homosexuals. The only difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is the people they love. Love is something that is lacking in this world, don't ya think? To hate someone because of who they love is narrow mindedness. All homosexuals want is the same rights that heterosexuals have: the right to marry the person they love. Give them equality, vote no on proposition 8 and any other discriminatory bills that come along in the future. Make gay marriage legal.

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