Saturday, November 8, 2008

People of color?

I hate it when people refer to black people as "people of color." What color? Black? Black is not a color. It's a shade. If anyone is colored, it's white people. They turn all kinds of colors. And they're not that white, either.

Nor is white a color. It's a shade. I guess you could refer to blacks and whites as "people of shades."

I don't particularly like it when blacks are referred to as African Americans. That would only be true if they immigrated from Africa. They are black Americans, plain and simple. Native Americans isn't really accurate, either. Aren't we all native Americans if we were born here?

So let's just refer to black people as such.


Klaren said...

I never understood the whole "people of color" thing. But I do know that Indians are starting to refer to themselves not as native Americans but as American Indians or just "Indians" now. Thanks for the post and the opportunity to comment.


***MtnGrl*** said...

Hear Hear! Being a black word nerd who'd never even *been* to Africa until a couple of years ago, I never subscribed to the African American moniker for people like me. I know few black people who refer to themselves this way.