Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My prediction for the election

Here's my predictions for Election Day:

Obama will win the popular vote 52-46 and the electoral vote 396-142.

Democrats will have 57 seats in the senate and 249 in the house.

Here's the map:

Much to McCain's chagrin, he will not carry Pennsylvania and will not win the Presidency.

Obama will win Florida 49-45, an unexpected upset in Georgia, a victory by 2 points, North Carlina 2 points, Virginia 5 points, Pennsylvania 7 points, Ohio 5 points, Indiana 2 points, Missouri 2 points, Colorado by 5 points, Nevada 4 points, New Mexico 9 points, and somewhat predicted upsets in Montana and North Dakota by a few points. Oh, and I forgot New Hampshire, I am sure Obama will win there by about 7 points.

Around 8pm they will call Virginia for Obama, along with Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. They will announce Obama the winner by 9pm.

Voter turnout will be historic, 180 million Americans will have voted in this election.

McCain will concede around midnight.

Happy voting everyone.

1 comment:

Maid Marian said...

Your prediction came very, very close.

Biggest discrepancy was voter numbers (but that gap may close a bit when all absentee votes are counted).