Monday, November 17, 2008

Dems poised to let Lieberman keep title

I wish the Democrats would kick Lieberman to the curb. He divorced himself from the Democratic party when he supported Bush, the war in Iraq and McCain/Palin in this year's election.

Lieberman used to be a Democrat, got defeated as a Democrat, then ran as an Independent, and won, but then supports Republicans. He is STILL registered as a Democrat. What gives? You are either a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent. Which is it, Lieberman? Make up your mind.

I fear that the Democrat's agenda is so important to them that they will hold on to Lieberman just to help them override filibusters and Presidential vetoes. They're not going to get 60 seats. We know that now. They're pretty close, though, 56-57-58 seats, somewhere in there. That's enough power, in my opinion. They can afford to lose Lieberman, he is not on their side anyway. And who's to say the Democrats couldn't pick up a few, or more, Moderate Republicans?

I'm willing to bet that Lieberman will continue to side with Republicans, so he should register as such or register as an Independent. You can't have it all ways. Know what I mean?

I respect Lieberman's ability to think for himself, and not vote along partisan lines, but he's really sending mixed signals. I'm not saying he shouldn't have supported McCain/Palin, but he should have done so privately, considering he is a registered Democrat. If he were a registered Independent, it would be a different story.

Why are the Democrats putting up with this? I guess the Democrats really are wimps. If a Republican did the things that Lieberman did to the Democrats, the Republicans would have kicked him to the curb a long time ago.

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