Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama's approval rating

Rasmussen is taking approval polls of President-elect Obama? This is ridiculous. He hasn't even been sworn in yet and they're already taking Presidential approval polls. I guess they need to do something now that the election is over.

According to the poll, 54 percent approve of his job as President-elect and 41 percent disapprove. If only 54 percent approve of him now, I'd hate to see what his approval rating will be a year from now.

41% of voters nationwide Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is handling his new role as President-elect. Twenty-nine percent (29%) Strongly Disapprove. (see trends ). Overall, 54% of voters somewhat or strongly approve of Obama’s performance so far while 41% disapprove.

Forty-seven percent (47%) say Obama will do a good or an excellent job on national security issues.

Among Democrats, Obama’s ratings are +64 (74% Strongly Approve, 10% Strongly Disapprove).

Among Republicans, Obama receives a -41 (9% Strongly Approve, 50% Strongly Disapprove).

Unaffiliated voters are much closer to the center—33% Strongly Approve and 31% Strongly Disapprove for a Presidential Approval Index rating of +2.

Obama's got my luck. He's going to need it. He's got a big mess to clean up. I hope he does a good job and comes through on some of his promises. I'm not expecting him to come through on all of them, as I don't care for all of them. Most politicians say whatever to get elected anyway. If Obama makes due on 20 percent of his promises, I'll be surprised.

Look at what Bush promised us. The only thing he delivered on was lower taxes. That's what, one percent of his promises? Though look how terrible that worked out for us. Our economy isn't any better than it was when he stepped in office, now is it? What happened to the great economic growth we were supposed to get from the tax cuts? You dunno? I dunno either.

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The Hawg! said...

The economic growth from those tax cuts was sucked up by an ill-advised war. You don't cut taxes and increase spending without winding up with with a mess.

Bush is an idiot. A damned idiot.

I'm a Republican and even I'll admit that we got what we deserved. It's time for we Republicans to insist that our party gets back to the conservative government that cuts taxes, is limited by the Constitution and insists on maximum individual liberty.

Those ideas win votes. Bush's borrow-and-spend policies are as bad as the tax-and-spend garbage the Democrats favor.

Yeah, I'm pretty much mad at both parties right now. I'm especially disappointed in what mine has become, however. I'm one of the few genuine conservatives left (I base that on the overwhelming support from the Republicans for that blasted Patriot Act).