Monday, November 24, 2008

Hannity and Colmes split up

Fox News announced that after 12 years, Alan Colmes will be leaving the top-rated "Hannity & Colmes" at the end of the year.

“I approached Bill Shine (FNC’s Senior Vice President of Programming) earlier this year about wanting to move on after 12 years to develop new and challenging ways to contribute to the growth of the network," Colmes said in a statement. "Although it’s bittersweet to leave one of the longest marriages on cable news, I’m proud that both Sean (Hannity) and I remained unharmed after sitting side by side, night after night for so many years.”

Sean Hannity said Colmes was "a remarkable co-host," "great friend," and "skillful debate partner.”

Colmes will remain a Fox commentator, and continue hosting "The Alan Colmes Show" on Fox News Radio. Also, he's developing a weekend show.

So will it just be the "The Sean Hannity Show" (as on the radio) or take the name of the weekly Fox show, "Hannity's America?" In the release, published after the jump, there's no mention of Hannity seeking a new liberal co-host, so I assume he's on his own, but can't say for sure. I've put the question to Fox and will update when available.


This is a shame. The show needed Colmes to balance out right wing lunatic Sean Hannity. I hope he can find another liberal to take Colmes' place. Maybe someone more intimidating is what the show needs. Colmes was a bit too soft. They need to take on Rove, Morris, Coulter and all the other right wing nut cases that guest on the show.

Hannity might go it alone? What fun is that? What happened to being fair and balanced? If he's going the route of HannitysAmerica, then its going to be horrible. Though, it is fun seeing Hannity froth at the mouth about Obama and the rest of the liberals.

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