Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hillary might reject State offer

Hillary might reject State offer

I'm glad. I don't think Secretary of State is the job for her. A position in the Health and Human services might be more suited to her talents. Hillary's been fighting for National Health Care for about 17 years now, this could be her chance to finally achieve that goal. Though, it's highly unlikely we'll ever see Nationalized health care in this country, there is some sort of reform needed. Maybe with her help it'll finally get done.

As for Secretary of State, Bill Richardson is currently being eyed for the position. I don't know too much about Richardson, but if he's qualified for the job, I'd be fine with him filling the position.

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Flap said...

You're right. His husband tried to do everything to pass the public healt care reform, without gathering any result.
You american should improve your healt care system, sounds unbelievable to me that you have to pay or to own an insurance.

Italian fellow from ubuntuforums.