Thursday, November 6, 2008

Proposition 8 passes in California

I'm really disappointed that Californians failed to defeat Prop 8. It really is surprising that gay marriage was banned in one of the most liberal states in the country. Isn't it sad, that in a nation based on liberty, one can not marry the one they love?

America is behind the ball on this one. Canada legalized gay marriage, so what is the problem in this country? Why the homophobia? The ignorance and narrow-mindedness really is repugnant. So much for being the greatest country in the world, eh? Land of the free? Yeah, right.

You know, I think we should ban marriage completely. Make all marriages between males and females illegal. Let them feel how it is to not be able to marry the one they love. Let them feel how it is to have their rights taken away. Let them feel how it is to have their legal bond with someone declared illegal. I don't think they would like that, do you? I bet they'd approve gay marriage then. You think?

Well, I certainly hope that California, and the rest of the states will legalize gay marriage soon, or at least civil unions, which to me are the same thing.

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geeke said...

that fucking sucks!