Monday, November 3, 2008

Nudists Fight For Their Right To Vote Naked

A nudist resort in Florida is hoping to set up a clothing-optional polling booth for Tuesday's US election. Residents of Caliente Resorts, the largest nudist colony in the US, are hoping to create a polling place where residents can vote in the buff if they so choose. More than 350 potential voters live at the nudist resort as well as 200 employees. Currently, residents have to vote in a neighboring subdivision that is not clothing optional.

Isn't this fucking ridiculous? Can't they put clothes on for just a few hours? I mean, wearing clothes is not that uncomfortable, is it? I wear them all the time, as do most other "normal" people. I don't have a problem wearing clothes, I prefer clothes. And even if I didn't like clothes, I'd have to wear them to go the store, to work, and wherever else. I sure as hell wouldn't have a problem dressing up to go vote.

I don't know what it is that makes these nudists think they are so special. My message to them: put on some fucking clothes and go to the polling place. If you can't put on clothes for a few hours, the country doesn't need your vote. It's as simple as that.

I guess there is no limit to the laziness and stupidity of people. I guess they figure, they have the right to vote, it also gives them a right to be stupid. This particular incident calls for the usage of a term called Freedumb. You're given freedom, but don't let it make you dumb.

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