Saturday, August 2, 2008

Windows Vs. Linux Rant

What is it with the software on Windows? All of these programs want a piece of the action when Windows boots up. Why? What is the purpose of having all of these useless programs running at startup? MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Java, iTunes, etc. All of this shit wants to run when Windows boots up. Why do they think I want this shit running when I start the computer? Is it too hard to ask these software programmers to disable this “run at startup” bullshit? Because really, it isn't necessary. If I want to run these programs, I will run them when I want to. There is no need for them to be running as soon as the computer boots up. This only increases the amount of time it takes for me to use my system.

Oh, and by the way, why does everything require a reboot? Isn't it about time Microsoft fixed this bullshit by now? Any setting you change, every program you install, requires a reboot as soon as it is finished installing. Plug in new hardware? Oh no! Windows has a heart attack. “You must restart the computer to use your new hardware!” I mean, what the fuck, I spend more time rebooting the goddamn PC than actually using it.

Also, what is so hard about renaming a file when you're using it? Ever try doing that? I have. And Windows hollered at me. “You can't rename the file while it's in use!!” Well, why the fuck can't I? It also won't let me move any files while I'm using them. Can't this operating system spit and chew gum at the same time? Apparently not. And this is the best Microsoft can come up with? I am not impressed. Though, my good friend, Linux, can and will move and rename files WHILE I AM USING THEM! Linux will also delete a file while I am using it and allow me to view deleted files in the trash. Beat that Microsoft.

Another thing that bothers me about Windows: not being able to scroll an inactive window. Ever tried doing that? Sure you have. Let's say I have MSN messenger in the foreground and Firefox in the background. And while I am talking to my friend on MSN, I want to scroll the web page opened in Firefox. I can't do it. Windows won't let me. I have to actually minimize Firefox, or bring up the IM window before I can type to my friend. I can't read and scroll the web page AND talk to my friend at the same time. Verdict: Windows can't spit and chew gum at the same time.

And another thing, why the fuck does Windows have to configure updates BEFORE and AFTER a reboot? This shit should be taken care of just before the reboot, that way when the computer reboots it's all ready for me to continue with my work. Instead, I have to waste more of my valuable time waiting for Windows to jerk itself off. Linux, however, knows how to do things. It configures the updates right before the computer actually reboots. That way, once the computer is up and running again, I can continue on with my work right away. However, If I refuse to reboot the computer when Windows asks me to, it will haunt me with a pop-up every five minutes until I do.

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Anonymous said...

LOLLLLLLL..... Windows Hatah!

Eh Mister Bubblah LOL.. I should write about how linux acts cunty and you cant find alot of hardware for things and software that compaires up to the the windows version

OH AND BTW.... its called MSCONFIG I disable that shit and dont even worry about going into each program and turning the shit off it does it for me. LOLL