Friday, August 8, 2008

America's Official Language?

I don't know about you, but I am tired of pressing 1 or 2 for English. Why are we catering to these immigrants? If they want to live here, they need to learn the language, or they need to get the fuck out. If I were President, I'd try to make it so that if they want to be an American citizen, they'd have to learn the language. If they do not learn English – the Official Language of this country, then they need to go back to their homeland. Case closed. My ancestors had to learn English, so why the fuck shouldn't these assholes? Also, I am tired of reading food labels and manuals, and stuff with other languages on it. These are American products. The only language that should be on there is ENGLISH. We are an English speaking nation. If the President speaks the language, then that is the official language of the country. Case fucking closed!

And I am appalled that the assholes in our useless congress have yet to pass a bill signifying English as America's official language. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton being two of the members of congress that voted against it. What they did was anti-American. This country seems to care more about these illegal immigrants than they do about their own citizens. These immigrants have more fucking rights than us. I am tired of it. I say we close the border. If you're out of the country, stay the fuck out, and if you're here and legal, you stay here, but if you're not, you're thrown the fuck out. One way to stop this illegal immigration is to shoot these illegal fucks on sight. I bet you this would slow down the crossing of the border. In fact, I'm sure these fucks would be running the other way.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ho,

your not doing your tags right..

If you want your blog entrys to be searchable in google you need,to,put,a,comma,aftah,each,word

that way when someone googles the term OBAMA it will include your blog entry as a google search link

Just a tip

Ps I laughed reading this in google readah LOL at the shooting paht.. LOL..... I can picture HKM running for the bordah now LOL

Jack W Grayson said...

All of us are fools for not constantly contacting our Congressmen/women and Senators and demanding that they aggressively get behind a bill that would finally state ENGLISH as the official language of our nation. After this year's election, I am going to begin e-mailing DAILY my representatives and demanding they push for this.