Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thought Of the Day

Do you ever notice that, when you do something, you expect a certain result? But the opposite happens instead? For example, say you leave the house and you bring your umbrella with you because you expect it to rain. It doesn't. The next day, you leave the house, forget the umbrella, and what happens? You guessed it. It rains. Why is that? Why does the opposite action always happen? Well, maybe not always, but I'd say ninety percent of the time, this is true. I haven't a clue as to the answer, but as I always say, when something like this happens, “that's the way it goes” or "par for the course." I am sure some of you are thinking "you can't predict the future" but that's nonsense. Usually when I am expecting a particular result, I always say to myself "If I do this, then I bet this will happen instead." And I'm always right.

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