Saturday, August 30, 2008

Media Coverage on Election '08

If you have been paying attention this election season, then you know it's been a wild ride. And if you haven't, you must be living in a cave if you don't know what is going on, because the election coverage is EVERYWHERE. The media coverage is a little ridiculous. Does anyone care how many houses John McCain owns? Or what car he drives? Are they really interested in this stuff? You don't see the media covering the issues, though. Where does Barack Obama or John McCain stand on such and such an issue? Ask anyone and see what the response is. Chances are they don't know. I think the media should focus on the issues and ignore this celebrity gossip crap. If they are going to cover the campaigns, then they need to do it right and inform the citizens so that they can make an educated decision come November. Now, I know people should do their own research, but how many people actually do it? Not many. They rely on what the media has to say. And one only has to look at the outcome of the 2000 and 2004 elections to understand this.

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