Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conservatives and Abortion

This is a topic that I've wanted to write about for a long time. Abortion is considered a risque subject. I'm not going to beat around the bush. I am going to come right out and say it: Yes, I am pro-abortion, pro-choice and however else you want to describe it. I favor killing the unborn. But before you stop reading because you think I am a disgusting, murderer, please read on and listen to what I have to say.

Now the opponents to abortion consider themselves pro-life. Pro-life, to me, is a meaningless term. You want to know why? Because pro-lifers are the same people that support the death penalty. Kind of contradictory, don't you think? I think that if these people were really pro-life, they wouldn't allow anyone to die. The only ones they seem to care about though, are the unborn. But what about the humans that are already born? What about them? These pro-lifers don't seem to care about them, do they? Look at all the starving children we have in the country. They're homeless and hungry, but nobody cares about them. Nobody wants to sign a law that would make it illegal for them to go hungry. But they do want a law banning abortion. To me, abortion is a way of cleaning up a mess before it becomes a bigger mess; a way to stop the pain before it gets worse. Because life is a lot of pain, don't you agree? I think of abortion as a way out for the little fella who doesn't know what he's getting into. Even though it isn't his fault, I still think it's best if he isn't brought into a world where he is not wanted.

Now who is to say that the child will be better off alive? The mother doesn't want it, she can barely take care of herself, let alone a child. Is she capable of taking care of the child? Most likely not. In some cases, the mother will go berserk and leave the child in a dumpster somewhere, or try flushing it down the toilet. Pretty disgusting, eh? I agree. I think both of those things are worse than abortion. I say kill the child before it faces the real suffering, before he faces any real pain at all. Now I bet someone is thinking “there is always adoption.” You're right. There is. BUT how is that a solution? Can you guarantee the child will be better off in a foster home? Will he be fed and taken care of the way he deserves to be? What happens when the child finds out he is adopted? Won't that bother him? Knowing that he wasn't wanted? I bet you he will face some psychological problems in result of an adoption.

Now back to these pro-lifers. The pro-lifers want a bigger mess, and don't want to feed all the hungry and homeless children in this country. Why not? You'd think that if they were pro-life, they would care about all life, wouldn't you say so? All they seem to care about is the un-born. Now as the late, great George Carlin stated so well: If you're pre-born, you're fine but if you're pre-school, you're fucked. What does this mean? It means that once the child is born, the pro-life conservatives do not want to know who he is. They don't want to provide welfare, food-stamps, housing, education, nothing. They don't want to hear about him until he reaches military age: 18. Then they think he is just fine, just what they were looking for. They want to ship him overseas to fight meaningless wars (that these ignorant asshole conservatives think we can win), where he will die just to protect their cowardly asses and their valuables. Does that sound like pro-life to you? I think what they should be saying is: we are pro-life, we decide who lives or dies.

Another thing about these conservatives that I have a problem with, is that they claim they want to keep government off your back. However, they feel it is alright for them to worry about what goes on in a woman's uterus. They want to make abortion illegal and they want to prosecute the doctors that perform these illegal abortions. Now, what about the mishandled abortions? There are a lot of those. They aren't performed correctly, and the mother and/or child end up dying. And this happens why? Because they do not have the tools at their disposal to do the job right. They are hiding out in back alleys or doing it in the mother's bedroom. This needs to be done in a hospital room, legally. If they are pro-life, you'd think they'd care about the mother and the child, right? So why not make the abortions legal so they can be performed in a hospital under sanitary conditions so they can at least save the mother's life. Why save the mother's life? Well she's not ready for a child yet, but someday she might be. She will be able to produce a healthy child with the means to take care of him. And she won't have to worry about applying for welfare or food stamps, either. Because everybody knows, conservatives don't approve of those things.

I want to delve into another subject for a moment before I close: homophobia. Why are these conservative assholes against gays? Who has less abortions than a homosexual? Aren't homosexuals almost guaranteed never to have an abortion? Don't you think conservatives and gays would make natural allies? But not only are they against homosexuals, they also won't let them get married or adopt children. Why won't they let them adopt children? Now tell me, if they are anti-abortion: what are we going to do with all these children that we save? They're in need of good, loving homes because the mother can't take care of the child. Conservatives sure as hell won't provide welfare or food stamps or housing. And they won't let the homosexuals adopt kids. There are many homosexual couples that would love to adopt children and could provide a good, loving home for them. But they can't even get married or adopt children legally. So what are we suppose to do with all of these newborn children if the government doesn't want to take care of them? The mother can't take care of the child. She never wanted him to begin with and she couldn't abort him because the government said it was against the law. I think if killing someone is against the law, then allowing someone to starve to death should be too.

If these asshole conservatives want to be pro-life, then they should also be pro-provider of whatever means necessary to take care of that life. Support welfare, housing, food stamps, you name it. If they are pro-life, then they should fucking live up to what the term says. We should also not be fighting wars overseas, because naturally, people die in war and pro-life people should not allow others to die. And they also should build more prisons to hold all of these criminals, because again, they are pro-life, so we can't kill these criminals. That would be contradictory to what pro-life means. Am I right about this?

And to be brutally honest, don't we have enough fucking people on this Earth as it is? Don't you think we'd be better off with a lighter load? So let's end the bullshit and make abortions legal. I think you'll save a lot of lives in the long run, and it would eliminate a lot of suffering before it starts.

PS: I am aware of Roe V. Wade, but that doesn't prevent these conservatives from wanting to overturn it and take away the woman's right to choose. They also want to make all contraceptives illegal. This post was written with these things in mind.

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Jack W Grayson said...

My friend, I love this Blog! I argued with my ex-wife that conservatives fight for pro-life but forget the child once it is born. My only opposition to abortion is the gruesome partial birth abortions. I feel like if a woman decides that she can not adequately provide for a child or just doesn't want to have a child for whatever reasons then she should choose to have an abortion during the early stages of her pregnancy. While on a personal level I have always been pro-life, socially and politically I have been pro-choice as I believe it is a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body.

As far as adoptions, that IS a good choice but it is a harder choice for the woman. For a woman to give birth and then choose to give away her child can be far more emotional than having an abortion. While I applaud individuals who adopt and know of a fine YouTube artist who is the product of an adoption, I say it is not for society to choose if a woman should put her child up for adoption.

As far as gay or lesbian couples adopting...I see nothing wrong with this. Statistics show that pedophiles are more often heterosexuals than homosexuals. I think that an overwhelming majority of gay/lesbian parents would be good, loving parents. I don't fear that they would do anything harmful to their children. I'm glad that some states do not ask about a person's sexual orientation as a means of qualifying or disqualifying someone for adoption.