Sunday, August 31, 2008


America doesn't overly approve of the job Congress is doing in Washington. Currently their approval rating is 17.3% - while Bush's approval rating is 30%. And regardless of their approval ratings or productivity, they still get a paycheck. Something is wrong here, don't you think?

Well, I've proposed an idea that might help congress become more productive. What we ought to do is is pay them minimum wage until they work on a plan to reduce the deficit. Cut off all lobbyist money from these assholes. Make them do their job and fire them all if necessary.

I think that might put fire under their asses. Let them feel how it's like to work for minimum wage. Show them what it's like to really work for someone, and don't let them forget that they work for us.

If that's too radical for ya, then how about this:


Congressmen & Senators earn $165,200
Majority & Minority Leaders earn $180,100
Speaker of the House earns $208,100

In my opinion, that is more than what they're worth. I'd cut all their salaries in half, thus:

Congressmen & Senators would earn $82,600
Majority & Minority Leaders would earn $90,050
Speaker of the House would earn $104,050

Maybe that will motivate them a little bit and remind them that they work for the citizens of the USA.

And once they balance the budget and help kill the deficit, I still wouldn't let them off easy. I'd make their approval rating determine their salary. Fuck 'em. I think that would encourage them to work together and get things done, wouldn't you say?

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