Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pet Peeves

These are my Pet Peeves...what are yours?

Pet Peeves

*Trying to remember something I was thinking about only a minute ago, but completely forget what it was that I was thinking about.

*Walking into a room and forgetting exactly why I went in there.

*People who pronounce "ask" as "axe."

*Not being able to find something when I am looking for it.

*People who drive and talk on the cell phone. Do you really think you're that important? If you need to talk to someone, pull over to the side of the road and then make the call.

*When someone's turn signal has been on since 1955.

*People who can not do the speed limit.

*When you can feel the vibrations of the noise coming from someone's car stereo. Can you hear it? Maybe you need to turn it up a bit louder. Then these people wonder why they're deaf when they're 40.

*When people think their ring tone is cute. Well it's not. It's annoying. I could do without ring tones myself, I wouldn't care if that phone ever rang.

*People who talk but really have nothing to say. They really talk just to be heard. Stop that!

*People who do not know when a conversation is over.

*People who whine about profanity. This is the21st century. Get over it. They are just words.

*People who cry racism just because I don't like a particular person who happens to be black.

*People who say "If you will." If I will what? Is that a question? Is that a request? Is that a demand? Please be more specific.

*People who try to force their beliefs on me. I respect your opinions and beliefs, please respect mine.

*People who are full of bullshit and are full of themselves.

*People who can not mind their own business.

*People who blast the TV or stereo.

*Stupid people.

*People who use the word "y'all"

*People who insist on smoking in public places. Please, go in the woods and set yourself on fire.

*People who talk about things but have really no clue on the topic.

*When people tell me they are offended by my pet peeves.

Internet Peeves:

*People Who Type Like This. Why do you do this? Typing Like This Is So Much Extra Work, And It Looks Ridiculous Besides.

*PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe THiS. Is this supposed to be cool? Why do you do that? If you are one of the people that does this, stop doing that.

*People who insist on using a colored font that is impossible to read. The color is either too bright or they have their text highlighted which is even more annoying. If you do this, please stop it.

*People who type in ALL CAPS on a consistent basis. Stop that. Don't you know what typing in CAPS means? It means you are YELLING. Unless you always yell when you talk, then stop typing in ALL CAPS.

*People who make up their own emoticons and then they get pissed at me when I ask them wtf it means.

*People who do not know the difference between their, they're and there. This is a simple concept people. It is not rocket science. Their = the i represents ownership. For example, They were driving down the street when their tire blew out. They're = They are: They're going to the store. There: Your keys are over there.

*People who do not know the difference between you're and your. Again, this is not rocket science. Your = ownership, YOUR car. You're = You are: You're going to the store with your mother.

*People who don't know the difference between then and than. "We are going to the store THEN we are going to the theatre." "I'd rather have a cold than have the flu."

*People who do not use punctuation properly or not at all.

*People who actually use periods but don't capitalize the first letter of the first word in each sentence.

*When I actually make one of the five "mistakes" above.

*When people IM you when you have your away message up. Can't you see my away message? It means that I am away from the computer or that I do not want to be bothered. Then they get mad at me when I don't answer...well duh... I have a fucking away message up. Get the message?

*People who send you more than 5 emails a day.

*People who use periods in a chat room. Having a conversation in a chat room or in instant messages does not require a period after each thought.

*People who type sale when they really mean sell. What is so hard about this? If you want to get rid of something, you sell it. The store is having a sale. Try saying this out loud "I am going to sale my old computer." Does that sound alright to you?

*When people consistently make typos on forum posts, or anywhere for that matter. Learn how to spell or use the fucking spell check. Jesus.

*People who think they are smart when they tell you that you used improper grammar but misspell grammar.

*People who make up their own acronyms and expect you to know wtf it means.

*People who tell you they are going to be right back, but don't return for 3 hours. Just say BBL if you're going to go gallivanting around the world.

*People who think they are smart when they try to tell you something that you are already aware of and have known for years, but they think that you didn't know it.

...and there are many more to come. Stay tuned.

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