Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top 10 Entrecard droppers in February

It's that time again to give a shout out to my top ten droppers for the month of February...

Dropper # of drops
Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog 27
Comedy Plus 25
The Natural State Hawg 21
A World of Progress TeamZine 21
Phuck politics 19
Politicus US 18
kath.A.rine 18
Dragon Blogger 18
Sanity Rant 18
Pearl Grass

Thanks for dropping by, guys!


politicus said...

I for one drop in not only for the EC credits, but you got a very interesting blog. Thank you for including us in the list.

Stunatra said...

@politicus, you're welcome and thank you! I enjoy your blog as well.

Denford said...

This is a surprise! Thanks a lot, I did not think I made anybody's top droppers' list.

I will continue to visit!

The Hawg! said...

Thanks for the link. I feel like a heel for not leaving a comment earlier!