Friday, December 11, 2009

Attention Entrecard Bloggers

You know what’s pissing me off lately? When I’m dropping on people who drop on me, and I can’t find their goddamn Entrecard. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. They either hide it to make it difficult to find, or you can’t find it at all. How do they drop on my blog if they don’t have a widget on their site? And what is the point of dropping if you’re not gonna display the widget on your site so I can drop back? I’m tired of this shit.  If anyone can elaborate on why this shit happens, please, by all means tell me. I want to know. I am tired of having a tired hand after all the unnecessary clicking and scrolling. I’m contemplating leaving Entrecard altogether, and this bullshit is helping me come to that decision.


wngl said...

The widget is supposed to be "above the fold", which makes it doubly annoying when not only is it below it but buried in the middle of similar looking ads. I wonder if bloggers that plant their widget at the bottom realize that it's actually counterproductive: if I'm interested, I'll drop and hang out awhile to read posts. If I have to scroll like crazy, I'll miss the content and be ready to leave such a difficult page.

jh3riz24 said...

i just dropped you one lol..goodluck