Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Edwards admits he has a love child

Do people really care about this stuff? I mean, really. This isn’t anyone’s business but John, his wife and the mistress. Am I right about this? Why does this shit have to be brought out into the public. It’s bad enough that it has to be brought out at all. Just like Tiger Woods…who cares? People should not have to answer questions regarding their personal lives. Their personal lives are called personal for a reason. It’s nobody’s fucking goddamn business, okay? I don’t understand how it would affect his job as a senator, but I do think that telling the public about where you stuck your weenie could possibly make work much harder. Please pardon the pun.

It is not clear where she and the child are living.

It’s nobody’s fucking business where they are living. Jesus fucking christ!

"It was wrong for me to ever deny she was my daughter," Edwards said, adding he was providing financial support for the child and mother. "I am Quinn's father."

The only one he had to admit this to is the child’s mother and his wife. They’re the only two that fucking matter. Not the goddamn media. But it’s business as usual in America. The media spends more time reporting on shit like this instead of on things that really matter. Like the corruption that is going on in our government and all that happy bullshit.

"My marriage shouldn't be on anybody's radar screen except mine," Elizabeth Edwards said.

Thank god someone’s finally talking to some sense! Halleluiah!!! She’s fucking right too. So put that in your hat and smoke it.

"To say that life has been hard for John Edwards for the past year would be an enormous understatement," Smith said. "His life has totally fallen apart. It's been a very difficult time for him. He recognizes that he has been at fault."

Well, that’s good enough for me. I mean, he knows he fucked up. He’s living with it. Does he really need the media to bust his balls with it too? I think not.

"I have been providing financial support for Quinn and have reached an agreement with her mother to continue providing support in the future," the statement said. "To all those I have disappointed and hurt, these words will never be enough, but I am truly sorry."

There. See. He’s doing the right thing. Does that make everybody happy? He fucked up and now he’s paying for it. Doing the responsible thing. Now everybody, let’s leave the cheating mother fucker alone, okay?

You can read the rest of the article, here.

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Harrison said...

The fact that this guy could have been VP, could have been president, and that this story was ignored by the press is disgusting.