Monday, January 18, 2010


Is anyone tired of hearing about Haiti yet? I sure as hell am. Haiti this, Haiti that. Who gives a fuck? Haiti is too goddamn far away to give a damn about. Am I the only one on this? It just seems to me that most Americans care more about what is happening in other parts of the world instead of worrying about what is happening in their own backyards. I’ve heard that Haiti has received more contributions from Americans than did Katrina victims. Isn’t that nice? Fuck the people in New Orleans! Let’s help the people in Haiti! New Orleans is still suffering in the aftermath of Katrina but no one gives a fuck. Look at Bush, he still doesn’t give a fuck. Even he wants to help Haiti, but where the fuck was he during Katrina? He was enjoying ice cream and birthday cake with John McCain: “Fuck the niggers in New Orleans, I’m gonna enjoy this here ice cream and cake with my good pal Johnny McCain.” 

You’ve just gotta love America. No wonder we are crumbling. We care more about other countries than we do our own. We’re over there in the middle east blowing up brown people while we brainwash our citizens into believing the soldiers are dying for their freedom. Our freedom was already bought and sold hundreds of fucking years ago. I can’t believe people buy this bullshit. We’re so busy worrying about other countries and other stupid shit to realize that our own freedoms at home are diminishing. But no one notices and no one seems to care. Well fuck America and fuck Haiti. I know some of you are thinking it too but I seem to be the only one with the balls to say it.


RE Ausetkmt said...

oh gee, you really have me over a barrel here stu.

You see Haiti is a country that just lost 100 THOUSAND plus people and most of it's infastructure.

I personally suffered losses in Katrina, of both Family and Property in Nola; so to me as a survivor I think you've got it twisted. watching this level of loss of life is going to make people more human.

trust me, after surviving an earthquake, and a hurricane, I think I've earned my survivors badge; alot more than those overpaid asses representing US in Haiti by not allowing humanitarian flights to land, and not delivering food or water because they are afraid of a bunch of Hungry, Thirsty, Injured People.

oh you bet ya boots I remember Katrina - and this is much deeper.

sheeesh stu, whats the real deal ?

Stunatra said...

RE Ausetkmt, I understand that. But this is the same idea. People are hurt, losing their homes and they need help. Americans are more likely to help people in foreign countries than they are to help their own people in this country. That was my point.

I'm all for helping other countries, as long as we equally care about the state of our own country. This is too often not the case. I don't knock anyone for helping Haiti, I'm just bringing to light the contradiction in America.

It may have been in my poor taste to use such a catastrophe to do so, but sometimes it's necessary to open people's eyes. Though, I am afraid the message is falling on blind eyes and deaf ears.

I'm glad you've survived disaster in the past and I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for commenting.