Saturday, November 7, 2009

Homophobia wins again

I know I am probably the last one in the blogosphere to write about this, but here it is.

Earlier this week, Maine voted to repeal a gay marriage law, with 53% of the vote.  I don’t understand it, I really don’t. How does allowing same sex couples get married hurt traditional marriage? How does allowing same sex couples the same rights as straight couples bother anyone? Somebody please, please enlighten me.

The rather interesting thing about this is, liberals, are usually pro-gay, but yet, liberal states like California and Maine vote against gay marriage, and a conservative state like Iowa is allowing them. How fucked up is this? So much for the gay hating conservatives huh? This shows how hypocritical liberals are.  Two of the most liberal states in the country vote against gay marriage, and one fairly conservative state voted for gay marriage. Pretty fucked up, huh? What does this say about conservatives? And what does this say about liberals? It certainly puts a spin on each one’s record, don’t ya think?


Len said...

No, actually, I don't. Since equal rights for gays has failed now on all 31 state ballots on which it has appeared. Remember, it was the leglislators in Maine and California that approved equal rights. The voters, heavily influenced by campaigns funded by the "religious" right, overturned them. It was the courts in Ohio who determined equal rights to be in sync with that state's constitution. Portraying the liberals as the devils and the conservatives as the angels here is simply wrong. Sorry.

Stunatra said...

Len, of course the liberals are angels in this case and every other one. The conservatives are always the devils.