Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello there! It’s been a long time. I’m sure you can tell. The hiatus is over. Actually, it’s been over for the past couple of weeks. I’ve just been to lazy to start posting again. Until now.

I spent the entire month of September and the first two weeks of October on the road, traveling the country. A long vacation, visiting family in my home state of RI and some friends in Minnesota. It certainly wasn’t an uneventful trip. On my way home, after leaving my friends in MN, I hit a pheasant on my way down from Mount Rushmore. The damned thing broke the grill on my truck. It just wandered onto the highway. By the time I saw it, it was too late. Wham! Feathers everywhere, and broken plastic, which I discovered when I stopped to rest in Wyoming.

By the time I stopped, I found myself in the middle of a blizzard. And for two days, I drove through ice and snow.  It was the first time I’ve seen snow in four years. And I think I’ve seen enough snow to last me another four years. I was never so happy to cross the border of Colorado into New Mexico. New Mexico greeted me with sun, nice puffy white clouds, and a beautiful blue sky with some moderate temperatures. Familiar territory. And it remained that way for the rest of the trip.

As the song goes, It’s nice to go travelin’, but it’s oh so much nicer to come home. And how true that is. It has never felt so nice to be home.


Without further ado, I bring you the top Entrecard droppers for October!


Dropper # of drops
Life, According To Christopher 22
English Wilderness: Nature Photography 9
one 2 day 8
Imagination Madness 8
Tiddly Winks 8
Sands of Thyme 8
Shalampax Speaks 7
Just My Two Cents 7
First Door on the Left 6
Did I miss something 4

Thanks for dropping by, guys! And Happy Halloween!

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