Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Mexicans leaving US, planning never to return

After going months without a full-time job, Daniel Ramirez has decided it's time to return to family in Mexico.

Vicenta Rodriguez Lopez says she can't afford to live in Colorado any more because her husband was deported.

Roberto Espinoza is going back, too. After 18 years as a mechanic for a General Motors dealership in Denver, his work permit wasn't renewed and he didn't want to remain in the country illegally


I guess this economic downturn does have some positives. Its working some things out. Like lower gas prices and making the illegals leave the country. Less illegals mean more jobs for American citizens. Lower gas prices help out those who are hurting in these rough economic times.

Maybe things won't be so bad after all. Or am I naive for thinking so?

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TNT2008 said...

I am not big on ANY people living here illegally. However, even in these tough times, I am still hard-pressed to find white Americans working along our highways, picking up trash or washing our dishes in restaurants. I think it will take along time before some people are willing to take on those "dirty" jobs. Even during these times.