Saturday, August 8, 2009


I hear people say all the time, “this is my favorite (book, movie, song) of all time.” They are very insistent on it too. It’s their absolute favorite. I don’t know how it is possible to have one absolute favorite of anything, be it song, book, or movie. There’s just too fucking many of them! There are so many wonderful songs, movies and books. How can you single out just one?

I can, however, understand singling out your favorite singer, actor/actress, etc. I can absolutely name a favorite singer, but totally stuck when it comes to a favorite actor. Though, it may help that, my favorite singer was an actor too. But, when it comes to movies, books, songs, I couldn’t name one absolute favorite to save my life.

My favorite singer of all time without a doubt, is Frank Sinatra. My second favorite happens to be female and she is Ella Fitzgerald, the female counterpart to Frank Sinatra. I couldn’t name my favorite song by either of these artists. They recorded thousands of them. I’d have no problem creating a favorites list containing hundreds of their songs, but to name just one? One single song? I can’t do it.

How about you? What do you think? What are your favorites?


phuckpolitics said...

I have a favorite porn star...Honey Wilder. Does that count?

Theresa said...

The problem with favorites (for me) is that it depends on the mood I'm in on a particular day. Certainly when it comes to a favorite song by a particular artist this is always the case. I can never understand these people who ONLY like one singer/band and ONLY go to see them and ONLY listen to their music. Very boring.

Stunatra said...

@Phuck, sure LOL.

@Theresa, I agree.

askcherlock said...

I love Sinatra and Ella too, but my favorites are all over the place. I really like the style of Madeleine Peroux. Very different but good.

Black Woman Thinks said...

I find it impossible to choose a favourite song, or singer. I'm not remotely interested in actors.
I don't understand the fascination with the so called 'stars'. Life is too short to limit my choices and I listen to all genres.