Friday, April 17, 2009

Drug-related violence/Texas secedes from Union

30% Say U.S. Drug Use To Blame For Growing Violence in Mexico

Just 30% of U.S. voters say drug users in the United States are more to blame for
growing drug violence in Mexico than the drug producers themselves. Fifty-six percent
(56%) say the Mexican drug producers are more to blame for the tide of violence
that threatens to cross into the United States, according to a new Rasmussen Reports
national telephone survey.

No, it is stupid ass laws right here in the United States that is the culprit of all the violence on the border and in Mexico. Why the fuck can't you people see that? Legalize, and regulate these drugs and watch the fucking violence decrease you stupid motherfuckers. But no, you'd rather have the government babysit everything and everyone. It's fucking bullshit. If someone wants to smoke a joint, then that's their right as an American citizen. This country was founded on liberty, was it not? Smoking a joint isn't hurting anyone. People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop looking to the government for a fucking babysitter. Goddammit.

In Texas, 31% Say State Has Right to Secede From U.S., But 75% Opt To Stay Thirty-one percent (31%) of Texas voters say that their state has the right to secede from the United States and form an independent country.

However, the latest Rasmussen Reports poll in the state finds that if the matter was put to a vote, it wouldn't even be close. Three-fourths (75%) of Lone Star State voters would opt to remain in the United States. Only 18% would vote to secede, and seven percent (7%) are not sure what they'd choose.

Of course they have a right to secede from the union. And I fucking hope they exercise that right. This country needs some radical fucking change. Maybe it will wake the assholes in Washington up and all the brain dead fucking citizens who would rather play with their toys than hold their government accountable for the assfucking they've been receiving all these years.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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Suburban Survivalist said...

Many believe that this day will come, especially if firearm registration or confication is passed. We shall see...