Friday, February 20, 2009

Some denounce Obama's homeowner rescue as unfair

You know, I am tired of hearing about this fucking stimulus/bail out/bullshit package. Look at these whiny motherfuckers. Let's see if I got this fucks are okay with bailing out the rich cocksuckers on Wall Street who robbed the people on Main Street but when it comes to helping those on Main Street you say "Fuck them?" What a bunch of bullshit.

If we're gonna alienate Main Street....why don't we just save us all a lot of money and not bother bailing anyone out. Tough shit for everyone. Auto industry, banks, crooks on Wall Street, struggling homeowners and anyone else who wants a hand out....fuck're all on your own. Good fucking luck!


phuckpolitics said...

Well said sir....well said.

Len said...

I found it kind of strange that our congress critters hardly blinked an eye when it came to giving $750 billion to their buddies on Wall Street, but raised all kinds of heck about giving $20 billion to the good folks of Detroit.

I think we've proven that this trickle down crap does not work. It's time for some trickle up.

Stunatra said...

Thank you, Mr. Phucka!

@ Len, I agree. It's fine to help the rich people, but god forbid should we give the little guys the help that they so desperately need.

The BoBo said...

Now you're talking like a true conservative! :) - At least that's been my position this whole time. Let them all fail - and I agree with Santelli - I shouldn't have to pay for my home and my neighbor's home. Let them lose it if they were stupid enough to buy a home they couldn't afford to pay for any way.

Those of you looking for hand outs from the gubmint - get a real job. That's not what our government was set up for. The founding fathers set up our government to be small and limited and to stay out of private businesses. You guys who want a "trickle up" are the reason this economy is going to hell in a hand basket with all of these freakin entitlement programs and making the banks give loans to those people with no verification whatsoever.

Stunatra said...

Haha Bobo... I wouldn't label myself as a conservative, or a liberal. While there are some conservative and liberal policies that are appealing to me...I am pretty moderate and Independent in my politics.

I think politics is more fun if you're watching from the sidelines. Watching both parties duke it out while the country falls apart.. a lot of fun.

Monica Nichols said...



First, I absolutely was against the first bail out for the banks - I'm against this one. And every one of them to come (because they will!)

Gov't needs to be SMALLER not larger.

;) Good rant.

The BoBo said...

I know you're not a conservative Stunatra! LOL. Just pointing out that you started off sounding like one!

C.C. Mitchell said...

They never should have bailed out the banks. They shouldn't bail out Detroit either. I am sick and friggin' tired of paying every one elses bill, now I can barely apy my own.

Now we get a tax cut that amounts to about $13 a week and they'll be raising taxes by twice that to pay for it all.

Good call Stunt!